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Jennifer Yvonne Lee
Location: Kota Baru
Country: Malaysia
Castrated, submissive, lily white skin,massage
Jennifer Yvonne Lee

About Jennifer Yvonne Lee

I work in southern Thailand and northern Malaysia. I was castrated since five years and have been working at Girls World Massage Parlour, Songkla. I have lily white skin and am timid and submissive. I am ready to be on my knees to be whipped and humiliated by You, Sir. I was a teacher before working full time as escort. I am now offering BDSM services, and accept outcalls.

您好,我在泰南的少女天地接客。我的皮肤白淨嫩滑,三围是36吋-26吋-36吋,听教服从,你可以命令我跪下接受您的调教,包括打屁股和被你训练做你的小乖乖狗狗。我已经接受阉割手术,但保留小阴茎,祇两吋但很柔软可爱哦。时钟费是马币150零吉,或祇7O美元,熟客还可有八折优惠。我的服务优质,包证令您满意哦 ! 请用电邮联系我 !!

Lastupdated: 2021-07-24

Contact Jennifer Yvonne Lee
Telephone: 6082343040
Email: [email protected]

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Huge Collection of Sexy Asian Transsexuals!!

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